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Do you TRUST that your dream life is possible?
Like, REALLY trust & believe that what you want is possible for you??
The most powerful lesson I’ve learned about building TWO businesses from the ground up…


We can’t confidently step into that dream reality unless we as coaches, healers, and service providers have a strong inner framework and develop unshakeable faith in the process. 
To confidently lead, also requires you to trust yourself AND feel empowered enough during times of uncertainty to keep going, even if you don’t have all of the answers.
Creating an abundant life & impactful business truly is an INSIDE job! 👑
Wealthy life, HERE I COME!

What makes me qualified to be your confidence, abundance & empowerment guide?

After nearly decades of yo-yo dieting, low self-worth, and living with a mindset that was anchored in lack, scarcity, and fear, I hit a point where I just couldn’t live that way anymore. 
I was tired of feeling powerless, helpless, and continually feeling like a failure. I constantly felt like there was something wrong with ME, and I was tired of trying to "fix" myself, and find purpose & fulfillment by changing my body.
I couldn’t live my life like that anymore.
I wasn’t internally HEALTHY or WEALTHY - I was BROKE!
I turned the only direction I had never gone before...INWARD!
I dove ALL IN to understanding how our thoughts & beliefs create our reality, I began researching emotional intelligence & learning about the power of mastering our subconscious mind. 
I began practicing mindfulness, getting clear on what I REALLY wanted for my life, surrender, more surrender, and whole lot of trust.
I reunited with my soul, transformed my relationship with food & my body, and through the process of learning how to accept myself, my WHOLE self, I discovered the framework for living an abundant life is not only available to all of us, it is our birthright to FEEL GOOD about ourselves, our dreams, and fulfilling our life's purpose!

Embodying this framework IN MY BUSINESS has allowed me to...

* Confidently sell out my programs & offers

* Hit consistent $5-10K months & better

* Stand out as a leader in my niche

* Start a podcast

* Land guest coaching, speaking, and podcast opportunities

* Remain flexible, adaptable & consistent in the face of challenges

*And most importantly, build a business that FEELS GOOD for me, allows me to make the kind of impact I'm here to make, and fits my lifestyle!


Through my own participation in coaching programs and experience supporting other women building businesses, coupled with my awareness of the coaching industry as a whole, I repeatedly noticed there is a major GAP that exists...

You've been on the journey to build your business for awhile now (or you're in a season of transition).
Maybe you've had some success in your business or career, but lately, something feels different.

What used to feel inspiring now feels "meh," and you can't quite put your finger on what it is.

You're constantly trying to find the solution through MORE consumption, MORE strategy, and you're coming up flat. The work to accumulate wealth goes so much deeper than "money mindset."



Chasing solutions & validation outside of yourself will leave you feeling empty...
...and strategy will only get you so far. 


Mastering your subconscious mind, emotional intelligence, & dropping into belief in yourself you can truly set yourself apart as a coach & leader, & will be able to make decisions from a place of empowerment.


I know you have that deep inner knowing that you were MADE FOR MORE, and you're no longer satisfied with taking one step forward & two steps back, and YOU ARE READY TO SOAR!!!


You are here to serve a purpose greater than your wildest imagination!

You have a voice, a message, and a truth that can radically give back what you know others!

You didn't land on this page by mistake; all of the steps you took to make it here were divinely timed!

You are here because you're ready to SETTLE FOR BETTER!


Wealth codes is for the woman who is here to experience abundance & create the life she wants to live, not settle for status quo. That's you, isn't it?!

Working with Kelsey was life-changing. I'm talking the kind of life changing that makes you question what the hell you spent your time doing the last 5 years when you could have hired her. Despite a bad investment prior, I just kept dreaming about how cool it would be to work with her. Kelsey infuses her soul into all of her messaging, and what you see is what you get.
I went from a person who was slowly improving, but had serious doubts about my coaching abilities, writing abilities, and friendship abilities, along with a lot of pent up food & body image problems to someone who just freakin' likes herself AND believes in herself."

-Kat K.

I feel like myself again in how I'm running my business and trusting what I'm doing is best. I haven't felt this excited (or confident) for a new offer launch in a longggg time. The fact that I'm still having so many breakthroughs on my own is just amazing - so thank you for allowing me to learn that part."

-Alayna K.

I cannot thank you enough for your mastermind. I can't even explain how different I FEEL and how much my life has changed in the past 4 months. It's literally mind blowing!"

-Britt D.


  • Each week you will unlock a new module that includes a lesson, resources, and workbook that is easily digestible, implementable, and specifically designed to help you embody what you are learning!
  • BONUS lessons: Get to know your body (working with your hormone cycle for  productivity) & activate your divine feminine energy, Intro to Human Design, and more...
  • MULTIPLE tools for rewiring your subconscious including higher self meditations, hypnosis tracks for visibility, making more money, affirmations, EFT tapping for $ goals, and more!
  • Lifetime access to course, bonus materials, resources, and future additions.


  • (2) 45 minute 1:1 coaching sessions via Zoom
  • (5) 60-90 minute group coaching calls (all calls recorded for replay)
  • Group Voxer chat for connection, community, and high-level support & accountability
  • Access to hypnosis tracks & other resources, as necessary 
  • VIP Option: 1:1 Voxer access with Kelsey during the duration of the program (inquire for details)


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Hey there rockstar!
I’m Kelsey, 

and I’ll be your Wealth Codes coach & guide. 
I’m a Master Level NLP Mindset Coach & Hypnotherapist who helps online coaches & emerging leaders do the inner work, so they can confidently make moves in life & business, stand out for their gifts, and become magnetic AF for clients, money, success, and much more!
Through a combination of mindset & emotional intelligence tools, life coaching skills, and an extensive history in working with high-achievers, I am here to hold space for you, and facilitate the deep subconscious reprogramming, healing, and transformation that will help you reach your next level. 
Mindfulness is more than “thinking positive thoughts” all the time. It is about equipping yourself to know what to do to neutralize negative emotions, regulating your nervous system for success, and optimizing your ability to make empowered decisions that are aligned with your goals.

I have a powerful gift for being able to fully see you & your potential, as well as a deep intuitive ability to guide you to experience shifts in perspective.