Chase Your Greatness Mastermind

 A high-touch hybrid of personal development + custom life/business coaching to help you get to the root of your self sabotage, stand out as the leader you know you are, and claim the health, wealth, success, and happiness that you deeply desire!


Chase Your Greatness Mastermind

 A high-touch hybrid of personal development + custom life/business coaching to help you get to the root of your self sabotage, stand out as the leader you know you are, and claim the health, wealth, success, and happiness that you deeply desire!


✨ Hey Rockstar πŸ‘‹


Are you ready to stop falling back into the trap of playing small, so you can officially play BIG + BOLD with your dreams once and for all?

I know that you know…YOU WERE MADE FOR MORE!

Do you want to have more fun in your life & business, and show up with more ease & confidence as you pursue your goals?

What about ditching all of the strategies you think you’re “supposed to do,” so you can trust yourself to build your business in a way that feels good for you?

How about trading in the cycle of decision fatigue and procrastination for clarity & taking massive action towards your goals day after day?

This is not out of your reach.

It’s not a far-off fantasy.

And it’s not something you have to “work super hard” for.

It is my REALITY and what many of my clients have been able to step into.

I would absolutely LOVE to guide and support you to claim it for yourself too!

I'M IN!!

Aka: A high-touch hybrid of personal development + custom life/business coaching to help you get to the root of your self sabotage, stand out as the leader you know you are, and claim the health, wealth, success, & happiness that you deeply desire!

Over the next 4 months, you will…


🌟 Create a clear vision for your future + pair it with taking actionable steps to build momentum towards your DREAM LIFE!

🌟 Learn how to better serve your clients because you made the effort to go there first!

🌟 Breakthrough blocks & release the patterns that have been holding you back and dimming your light!

🌟 Equip yourself with knowledge & sharpen your skills to carry out your mission of providing life changing impact through your programs & services!

Over the next 4 months, you will…


🌟 Release your debt stories & reframe your limiting beliefs around money to become even more abundant!

🌟 Create a life & business that fits the demands of your lifestyle (and HAVE FUN doing it)!

🌟 Learn the art of active listening + how to ask powerful questions so you can easily identify how to best support your clients!

🌟 Equip yourself with many tools & resources for nervous system regulation, so you can become the emotionally intelligent CEO & human you desire to be!

Kat K.

I went from a person who was slowly improving, but had serious doubts about my coaching abilities, writing abilities, and friendship abilities, along with a lot of pent up food & body image problems to someone who just freakin' likes herself AND believes in herself."

Alayna K.

"I feel like myself again in how I'm running my business and trusting what I'm doing is best. I haven't felt this excited (or confident) for a new offer launch in a longggg time. The fact that I'm still having so many breakthroughs on my own is just amazing - so thank you for allowing me to learn that part."

Brittany D.

"I cannot thank you enough for your mastermind. I can't even explain how different I FEEL and how much my life has changed in the past 4 months. It's literally mind blowing!"

πŸ’« Twice a month we will have 1 60 minute group call via Zoom where we will dive deep into a specific topic, group workshop, and/or doing hot seat coaching for on the spot feedback


πŸ’« Guided assignments, audio/video lessons, and resources specifically designed to support you in bridging the gap to deeper clarity, confidence, and belief in yourself, your offers, and your desires


πŸ’« Group and private Voxer access (voice/text messaging) for daily support & accountability M-F


πŸ’« Two 1:1 45 minute coaching sessions per month via Zoom (8 total) for personalized coaching & faster transformation


πŸ’« One guest expert call per month via Zoom


πŸ’« Customized fitness + nutrition support throughout the duration of the mastermind


πŸ’« PLUS…lifetime access to all video resources, including my signature courses Rulebreaker Method and Wealth Codes

**All group calls are recorded for replay/lifetime access


WEEK 1 - 4: 

Week 1: Welcome + SUPER CLEAR Goal-Setting

  • Goal-setting like you have never experienced before. I will be teaching you the EXACT process I use, so you can feel super connected to your goals, and have a plan to hit them
  • Setting Yourself Up For Success
  • Starting Your Day with a WINNING Mindset
  • C>E
  • Workbook + Additional Resources


Week 2: Forget Who You *thought* You Should Be

  •  Reprogram your brain to be your authentic self, and apply the EXACT tools I’ve used to UNLEARN my self-sabotaging behaviors, imposter syndrome, and let go of playing small
  • EFT Tapping for Hitting BIGGER Goals
  • Workbook + Additional Resources


Week 3: Core Values, Purpose, & Mission Statement

  • Elicit Your Core Values for Life/Career
  • Mission Statement & Purpose Exercise
  • Inner Leader Meditation (Identity Work)
  • Workbook + Additional Resources


Week 4: Intro to NLP + The Power of WORDS

  • How Your Thoughts Create Your Reality
  • Intro to the NLP Communication Model
  • Intro to Energetics + Emotional Guidance Scale
  • Workbook + Additional Resources

WEEK 5-8: MONEY + Activating RICH B*TCH Energy

Week 5: Money Mindset vs. Money Consciousness

  • What is your relationship with Money?
  • Understanding money as energy
  • 3 D’s to claiming abundance
  • Workbook + Additional Resources


Week 6: Debt Stories + Wealth Recalibration

  • Release the fear of debt
  • Healing your relationship with money
  • Decluttering & letting go to create abundance
  • Workbook + Additional Resources


Week 7: Money Dates + Safe to Receive

  • Details TBD


Week 8: Reflection + Re-alignment

  • Vision-boarding 
  • Recommitment

WEEK 9-12: Relationships + Boundaries

Week 9: People Pleasing & Perfectionism

  • Meet your Inner Critics (People Pleaser + Perfectionism)
  • Getting to the root/setting boundaries (Inner Child Healing)
  • Workbook & Additional Resources


Week 10: The Power of Boundaries

  • Breaking up with 'Imposter Syndrome'
  • Energetic Tools for Reclaiming Personal Power
  • Workbook & Additional Resources


Week 11: Inquiring Within + Trusting More

  • How your intuition communicates with you
  • Somatic decision making (full body YES/full body NO)
  • Workbook + Additional Resources

Week 12: Owning Your Voice + Speaking Your Truth

  • Releasing the fear of judgment
  • Leadership qualities
  • Workbook + Additional Resources

WEEK 13-16: CEO Mode Activated + Embodying Leadership

Week 13: Market Yourself & Confidently Sign Clients (Attraction Marketing)

  • Slay Your Sales Calls Training 
  • Energetics of Business + Launching
  • Workbook & Additional Resources


Week 14: Coaching Confidently 

  • Tips for Running Coaching Calls
  • How to Become a Better Coach
  • Structuring Your Offer for MAXIMUM Transformation
  • Workbook & Additional Resources


Week 15: Step Into Leadership

Week 16: Chase Your Greatness



$4444 PIF or 8 monthly payments of $750
(special launch prices ending soon)


Hey there rockstar!
I’m Kelsey, 

and I’ll be your coach & guide. 
I’m a Master Certified NLP Mindset Coach, Life & Success Coach & Hypnotherapist who helps online coaches & emerging leaders do the inner work, so they can confidently make moves in life & business, stand out for their gifts, and become magnetic AF for clients, money, success, and much more!
Through a combination of mindset & emotional intelligence tools, life coaching skills, and an extensive history in working with high-achievers, I am here to hold space for you, and facilitate the deep subconscious reprogramming, healing, and transformation that will help you simplify your hustle, create more inner peace, and bridge the gap, so you can reach your next level in life/business. 
Mindfulness is more than “thinking positive thoughts” all the time. It is about equipping yourself to know what to do to neutralize negative emotions, regulating your nervous system for success, and optimizing your ability to make empowered decisions that are aligned with your goals.

I have a powerful gift for being able to fully see you & your potential, as well as a deep intuitive ability to guide you to experience shifts in perspective.